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How to avoid a snake bite?

How to identify venomous snakes in Armenia?

How to prevent snakes showing up on a property?



First aid

Proffesional care for bitten person or pet

L Culturally we learnt to perceive snakes as unpredictable and dangerous creatures. However, experience shows that snakes aggression and its outcomes are far more pridctable than aggression in birds and mammals. Here is how it works. Snakes explore and recognise the surrounding world via senses of heat, smell, physical contact and motion. predictable and they do express aggression in even more simplified ways than Despite our cltural perception Like most other animals and even us human beings the snakes both poisonous and harmless bite their enemy in order to protect themselves, as well as to obtain a food when they feel hungry.

An average human may weight is about 100 or more times havier than an average snake. On the other hand our body is often 6-10 C hotter than that of snakes. Each of these factors alone may make out toutch very painful to snakes, and provoke thir defence including a bite. A casual contatcs are among the most common causes of snake-human conflicts worldwide. Therefore,awareness of a snake presence and careful avoidance of contacts is the best principle of not being bitten. To preveny casual contacts with snakes and other poisonous animals it is good to become accustomed to:
1) Always searching for a wildlife under the feet and hands.
2) Never poking your hands or feet in obscure places (caves, hollows, cracks, dense vegetation, etc.).
3) Always using flasjlight or other source of light when it is dark around
4) Checking bed, dress, footwear etc. before sleeping and dressing
5) Be careful and attentive while turning over potential snake covers (stone, log, debris, etc.) Using tools and gloves vs. bear hands while moving debris.


Washed hands and tidy dresses aren’t interesting for snakes

All snakes are strict predators or carnivores. They are not capable to masticate, so they swallow their food, without any separation. Such a large being as a man can serve as food only for gigantic not poisonous snakes like some pythons and boas (Python reticulatus, Python molurus, Python sebae ) whose length reaches up more than 3-6 meters (up to 12 meters). All gigantic snakes are specific of temperate tropical and equatorial regions and are absent in moderate and subtropical latitudes, including Armenia. Nevertheless, even either relatively small, or rather small snakes sometimes bite man taking him/her for food, if he/she smell's like their habitual food of snake, or if the usual food of the snakes smell's of a man. This is caused by the dominance of the sense of smell in hunting snakes.
So, in order to avoid being bitten by a snake as it’s food, it is necessary to keep one’s clothes out of contact with rodents, birds and other animals or their excrements. Those, who keep snakes should dressing cleanly washed clothes, always wash their hands with some fragrant before working with a snake, and never feed snakes from hands as well as by food held in hand. In other words, it is necessary to do one’s not to smells of the snake’s food and to prevent the snake’s food smelling of the man.

Bright eyes and an open mouth provoke a snake to assault.
For most animals bright eyes and an open mouth of the rival mean readiness to attack. So, this sign often provokes a snake to an active defense.
To protect oneself from being bitten in this way, it is necessary to prevent intimacy between a man’s face and the snake less than the snake’s body length. Particularly, it is necessary to be careful while taking a photograph or movie, because the objective of a camera is often perceived by some snakes an eye, and provoke them to aggression.

Introduction, How to manage, area for avoid snake visit ?, How to identify venomous snakes in Armenia, First aid, Proffesional care for bitten person or pet

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