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Lacerta agilis Linnaeus, 1758
sbsp. brevicaudata Peters, 1958

Distribution in Armenia:
Altitudes: 1800-2500 m above sea level.
Regions: Lory, Tavoush, Shirak, Aragatsotn, Kotayk, Gegharkunik,
Habitats: Near water bunch habitats, stony mountain steppes & meadows
Areal type: Small Caucasian – N-E-Armenian

Global distribution:
Europe: Austria, Switzerland, Germany, S England, France, Denmark, Sweden, SE Norway, SE Finland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Albania, N Balkan, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, NE Italy, Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegowina, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, N Greece, Romania, E Poland, Belorussia, Belarus, Ukraina (east of the Dnjepr River and W Ukraina), W Russia (in the north up to S Karelia and Russia (north of the Caucasus Mts., east up to Lake Baikal), Moldova, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Georgia

Asia: Armenia, Azerbaijan, NE Turkey, Kazakhstan, Kirgistan (south up to Issyk Kul), NW Mongolia, NW China (W Xinjiang)

Known trend: Not objective data is available (presumably common)


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