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Vipera (Pelias) darevskii

Vedmederja,Orlov & Tuniyev, 1986



Similar simpatric species: Coronella austriaca, Natrix natrix persa, Natrix tessellata, Vipera (Pelias) eriwanensis

Distribution in Armenia

Altitudes: 2400-3100 m a.s.l.

Administrative regions:

N-Shirak, (N-W Lory possible)

Map (10x10km UTM Grid):

Habitats: open rocklands and moirains.

Global distribution:

Javakhk-Ashotsk physical geographical region of Armenian upland.


Europe: NW Armenia, SC Georgia, NE Turkey (Kars, Artvin)

Food: Microtus ssp., Chionomus nivalis Mart., Darevskia valentini, arthropods.

Enemies: Martes foina Erxl. sbsp. nehringi Sat., man, ( presumbaly birds).

Parasites: No data

Known trend: not abjective data is available (presumably critically endangered).


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